Universal Credit - reporting a change in circumstances

Three months ago I started to receive Universal Credit and despite all the horror stories I'd read about it the process ran fairly smoothly until yesterday. Don't know if this has been covered before but might be worth pointing out they won't accept notification of a change of circumstances until it has actually happened. I know they should receive details of any change in DWP payments directly but in order to avoid any misunderstandings (i.e. the possibility of being accused of not notifying them of changes I know are in the offing) I tried yesterday to inform them that before my next UC payment date I will start to receive state pension and stop receiving Employment Support Allowance. From the homepage I tried to do this under 'Report a change of circumstances.' The dates I gave couldn't be accepted because they are in the future (the coming fortnight!) with advice to report anything I couldn't do there via my Journal instead. When I tried to do that I got a similar message that it couldn't be accepted. Next I phoned the helpline who explained they could not accept any notifications either by phone or in advance and that I should report changes on the day they occur or within 48 hours thereof.

This morning I looked at my Journal which read "Work and earnings - declare changes cancelled." I'm just going to leave it until my birthday then notify them. Though as I said the DWP should notify them anyway.

My wife reaches pension age in just over six months time. Fortunately there should be no problem then as her qualifying date coincides with the first day of the monthly UC claim. At that point the claim should be cancelled altogether.