Hi I am new to this site,arthritis in foot

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Good evening to you all,

My name is Alyson,I am 57 years old and am so fed up 😢

I tripped and fell in October 2020,I had a lot of ankle and foot swelling and unbelievable pain,9 weeks off work.Couple of xrays,no breaks,but an out of hours doctor told me that it showed I had arthritis in my foot.Underwent months of physiotherapy( paid by my employer as doctors were not doing hands on physio due to covid)A year later last November I paid for a MRI on my ankle as physio had not sorted the problem.The MRI scan showed that I had a torn lateral tendon ,ouch!! I have seen a specialist for the damage to my ankle and am now awaiting ankle surgery to correct it.The MRI scan also showed up arthritis in my mid foot,I have spoken to a gp about this and they gave me a strong ibuprofen tablet for 2 weeks only as I cannot take them long term due to taking Ramepril,since then they told me to buy over the counter ibuprofen gel( which does nothing for the pain)I am in pain when I walk,totally fed up with being in pain .I am hoping that hearing other people's experience will help down the right road.I have been trying to get an appointment with a gp to no avail as I am not able to ring at 8am due to driving and their e consult service has been down for weeks 😢