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Morning Everyone. A bit of background.. I'm 49. Had a motorbike crash in 2008. Smashed my pelvis to bits and a bone in my hand (that was never dealt with) I was in hospital pinned inside and out for 3 months, laid on back. I was told I'd b in a wheelchair by the time I was 40. So not doing too bad.

I suffer now with arthritis of my pelvis and back. Also in my knees and ankles. After changing jobs after 21 yrs too I now notice the pain in my hands too.

I'm just looking for help and advice. Nyone in a similar position? Anyone found their diet helps or hinders? Any supplements that help? I have looked into cbd oil but not tried it. Does pilates or yoga help anyone?

I work less hours now and hopefully going to get esa. The days off work feel like just recovery ready for the next work day. Hopefully sunny and warmer days will help a bit.


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    Welcome to the forum, @Mandy_rebel23 .

    You have had quite a time! Well done in dodging the wheelchair. You have developed arthritis in your knees, ankles, pelvis and back, presumably not unconnected with your accident. You are now looking for information on the experiences of others, in particular with diet and supplements. You are also expecting a decision on your ESA application. Here are some links to information on our website:

    I am sure that there are forum members who will have had experiences relevant to you.

    Good luck and post some more to let us know how you get on.

    Tom, Moderator.

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    I'm new on here to, had a car accident in 1995, my back has gotten worse over time, my knees, wrists hips all arthritis, even in my lower back, the car accident left me with chronic back pain, I've started taking magnesium to help with muscle spasms in my legs, but feel it may be helping me in general so worth giving that a go xxx

  • Mandy_rebel23

    I take vit d. Fish oils. Multivitamins. Calcium lol the list is endless. That's aside from all the daily tablets and painkillers when needed.

    I try to keep as active as I can do. Think being stubborn helps too, haha I won't give in.

    Still motorcycling and cycling when the weathers good.

    Having people who are going thru similar things helps

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    Howdy I go to the local baths just walk back and forth and move you're arms from side to side helps build up the muscles...I am a welder so when I finish work am done in .I keep my legs elevated . A wheat bag which you can put in the microwave..heats good for arthritis. And a tense machine also helps I do physio work but find it really difficult to bend as I have in my lower back that's were the local baths helpjust flat about and do movements.

    Getting changed is a different matter ain't figured that one out yet . Hope it helps you