OA of left knee

Hello all

I have had the above for a long time now and was in nursing for 35 years struggling but coping but last year retired. Never felt better , the stress has lifted and also I'm working with my husband on our dairy farm. I became addicted to codiene and unable to have stronger painkillers but when you hear a couple of your colleagues say that a cripple should not be working then I got very angry. Farming in fact is very physical but it is the best form of physio and the tractor and the quad are my forms of mobility now. I know eventually I will have to have a TKR but with a few alterations I can manage, yes I limp and have a brace and also have to sit down halfway through milking , sometimes there is pain as well but if those people can see me now and how that stress has lifted I feel like saying who is the cripple now !! So just to say when anyone feels low there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and talk to others friends, family online communities, you are never alone and sometimes one does feel alone and low because of the condition.


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    Dear crackpot!*

    I have a fridgemagnet.." friends are people who know we are good eggs even if we are a bit cracked. But what an amazing story. So inspiring.i know often In life with a cheery positive courage when one door closes a lot of others open.


    So happy for you!*

    Golky im.a newbie anf this is the first success story ive read. And wow what a special one!*

    Love hugs respect

    Inga x

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