Thank you for welcoming me

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Hi my name is Tina

I'm not sure what type if arthritis I have I think it's osteoarthritis as my mum has it all over and I think she has shared it with me " thanks mum" 😊

I suffer mostly from September to March when the weather is cold and wet and also suffer from SAD syndrome some winter is not a happy time for anyone else the same?

I am worse in my hips and fingers/knuckles

I am 53 and work full time as a nanny to 3 children and the pain is having an impact now in me being able to do my job to the full which is distressing for me I am hoping things will get easier once the warmer days come xx

Thank you for the welcome to the group

Tina x


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Tina68

    Yes, lots of members find that the weather has a major effect on their arthritis and there has even been a study of it:

    Worth reading for the stories of how some people cope.

    We have some good information on hand and wrist pain that comes with ideas for managing the condition and working with the pain.

    We have also just introduced a series of videos that involve stretching exercises for different parts of the body. Here's the one for hip exercises that you may find helpful:

    I too am looking forward to warmer weather as the cold is affecting my stiffness and back. Its sunny today, but still really cold!


  • frogmorton
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    You have such a kind and sharing Mum @Tina68 😁

    Only joking but sadly our genetics do often seem to play a part in our Arthritis.

    A lot of us are struggling in this chilly weather and absolutely it affects your metal health - I mean - how could it not. Being in pain is so dispiriting. Coming in here and chatting can really cheer you up though as can helping other people if you have ideas.

    Take care

    Toni x