New hip locked.

Hello, I got a new hip on 21st Feb, all has been well. Last night I woke up in an urgency to use my commode next to my bed. My operated leg seemed to have locked, and so went under me rigidly. I tried to steady myself with the commode armrest. Of course the commode tipped over on its side, and I fell heavily on my front ! I crawled down stairs and phoned 111. Whilst waiting on the phone, I realised my leg seemed back to normal. They reassured me, that because I was now mobile and could walk without pain, my hip would not be dislocated, which I'm sure is very true good advice. They were so nice to me. Has anyone else had this experience, or heard of this being able to occur, please can you give me some information? Thank you for taking the time to read this, Charis.


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    What a scary experience. If it were me I think I’d let the surgeon know - he may wish to do an X-ray to make sure everything is ok. Good luck.

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    Hello pmas, Yes our xray department opens on Monday, so I'll make sure to do that. Till then, I think I'll sleep on my recliner/riser downstairs, in case it happens again. I'm supposed to take my dressing off today by myself, but I think I'll leave that till Monday too. Thank you.

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    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. This is one of these cases where you will need to seek further medical advice. It sounds as though you are already on track to do that.

    Do call us for a chat on 0800 5205200 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

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