Is there anyone that can help me to try to understand the symptoms of RA. I was diagnosised in Sept 2021 and was on Metherexate but was taken off it due to liver problems. I've just started with something starting with Sul????.

Can anyone say do you also get muscle pain as well as joint pain? Or is it my Polymyalgia combined together?

Sorry one more thing does anyone having issue with swallowing when having a flare up?


  • airwave
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    Being nervous and in pain may cause your nerves to react on your swallowing reflex, try relaxing more before you swallow your pills. Take some water with it is good advice😅.

    It can often feel as though you get pain in your muscles and you can certainly get referred pain, I get lots of it. Often if pain ensues your muscles will lockup to prevent further injury and cause pain, your back is an obvious place for this to happen. Sounds like you’re on Sulfazine?

    I don’t have RA but widespread OA and I try and point out that pain is pain no matter what causes it, I expect you’ll have a few more answers soon.

    its a grin, honest!

  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Jennifer002

    We have a great page of information on rheumatoid arthritis. It includes information on symptoms, treatments and a section on Living with Arthritis.

    Do check it out and ask any questions you still have and we will try to help.

    Best wishes