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Hi. I'm Laura, and have just this week been diagnosed with RA following a high anti-CPP result and worsening of my symptoms. I have thought for ages the pain in my feet was due to running injuries and that my fatigue was a combination of grief and stress but when the pain and swelling spreads to my hands and all attempts at lifestyle changes brought no reduction in the exhaustion my GP ordered the blood results and the result was clear. I am 46 years old and a single mum with a full time job. My identity is built around being really active - I'm (was) a trail runner and always on the go and always being there for my boys. I have just completed an overseas assignment and moved back to the UK and was looking forward to a new chapter of my life. Now feeling like it will be full of medication and hospital visits and a potential worsening of my symptoms. I see the consultant on Thursday next week and am hoping to get started on some meds a.s.a.p. as I have heard that early treatment improves the prognosis. Thanks for reading :)


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    Hi @Laura123

    Lovely to meet you today Laura, thanks for joining us.

    You have now had a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis after a while of trying to adjust to pain and stress. It’s good you are diagnosed now, you are right, the earlier you start medication the better the prognosis. Have a think ahead of you visit to the rheumatologist- I jot down my questions to make sure I don't forget or run out of time. You will have a period of health checks and medication tweaks until your inflammation markers are under control.

    Here is our information for those newly diagnosed

    and our information on RA

    Take a look around the other discussions and post your questions in the living with arthritis category

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Don't despair! When I was diagnosed I thought my previously active life was finished. I'm a lot older than you, but was very fit for my age and used to walking and cycling every day. All those activities were seriously affected to begin with, but after having been on medication for some weeks, I'm slowly able to do more and more, and I'm hopeful that this improvement will continue if I keep working at it. It may take time, but I'm sure you'll adapt and hopefully the medication will get things under control. Hope it goes well for you on Thursday.