Anyone with experience of sudden onset inflammatory arthritis in hands and wrists at a young age,44?

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Hello, lovely to find this forum and relieved to have a safe space to learn and share through this journey. From what I’ve read, this condition is rare enough as compared with the age related non-inflammatory wear and tear osteoarthritis.

I’ve been diagnosed by two rheumatologists and started on hydroxychloroquine week one now.

Would love to link in with others who have gone through my journey.

Thank you!


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Sharryaudrey

    I am so pleased to have found us and to welcome you to this lovely community. It is indeed a safe place to learn and share with others who understand.

    There lots of members here who have inflammatory arthritis so you are absolutely not alone now and many of them, either still are. or were diagnosed at a young age.

    While you are waiting for someone o come along and share their experience with you I would like to attach a link for you to read which is really helpful when you are newly diagnosed:

    Do please take a look around and join in wherever you want to - you will be made very welcome.

    Best wishes


  • Sharryaudrey
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    Apologies, this seems to be a duplicate post. Please ignore this one. Thank you for your reply Ellen.