50 and diagnosed today

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Hi all - I’ve just been diagnosed with Versus and put on Methotrexate …. All a bit of a whirlwind - thought I had a trapped nerve …….but hey positivity is a good start 😊

this group looks the best way to find out answers to the many questions I’m sure I’ll have 😬


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    Hi @Susie2707 and welcome to the online community,

    You’ve just been diagnosed today with arthritis and you’ve been put on methotrexate- it certainly must feel like you’re in a whirlwind! It can be quite overwhelming to hear your diagnosis, but you’ve made a great start on your new journey by joining the online community. All our members are friendly and supportive and there’s usually always someone online to chat to or hear their story.

    There’s a page on the Versus Arthritis especially for people who’ve just been diagnosed - you might like to have a look. As well as talking about treatments and medication, it has great sections on looking after yourself, diet and nutrition and exercise.

    There’s also a great podcast by Yvonne, one of our members, who talks about what it felt like to be diagnosed:

    Do have a look round the forum, join in any conversations where you feel comfortable, and keep posting!

    Anna ( Mod)

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    what are the side affects for metho?

    i have acid reflux so am having trouble finding suitable pain relief

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    I've been on methotrexate for years with no side effects worth mentioning. I've also had a hiatus hernia and GORD for years. I take omeprazole in the morning and gaviscon at night. No problems.

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