Arthritis on Both Wrist's and Back

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Just to say Hi

I'm so Glad I've found this Forum and especially as when we all have something in Common ( Pain ) , I suffer Badly with my wrists Slightest touch I'm in agony as if I've Broken my wrist, I stumbled across this by accident as I was working on washing Machines and I put this wristband on one that I bought a week prior as I was always dropping Screws Build inside the wristband are 8 Magnets that hold Metal screws nuts Nails ect ect at the end of the working day I Notice the Pain in my Wrist wasn't too bad I Done the same the next day kept it on within 3 days I was Pain Free Personally I think it's got Something to do with the Magnets Now everytime I get a Twinge it's on and it Works I was Wondering has anyone else tried it I just bought from the local hardware Shop to £3 and I'm Pain free What's you're thoughts on that