Arthritis in the jaw


Hi all. I am new to the group. I was diagnosed with RA 7 years ago now. More recently I have suffered really back with pain in one side of my jaw. So bad I am unable to open my mouth and therefore eating is very difficult and painful. I double up on my steroid and naproxen but wondered if anyone else has suffered with the jaw and has any other methods/suggestions or exercises they find helps ease the pain. Many thanks


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    I have very little movement in my jaw these days (My family would disagree😉) but I was lucky in that, unlike all my other joints, I don't remember it being too painful while it got that way.

    I presume it was your rheumatologist who advised on the doubling up of steroids and NSAIDS. No tweaking of your DMARDS? That's usually the first step for me when anything is flaring.

    The NRAS has a very useful section on jaw problems with RA. Have a look here

    We also used to have a wonderful young woman on here, @Starburst , who had a lot of jaw problems among all the other dross of RA. You might be able to access some of her old threads.

    First step, though, is surely your rheumatologist for advice. Good luck.

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