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Hi. I am new to the group and I was just wondering if there is a live forum/lounge where you could chat in real time. I couldn't seem to find one and I could see others online but no option to message to see if they fancied a chat. This would be an excellent addition to this forum for those who need to chat to those who understand there and then. 👍🏼


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Gadgetgirl

    Sadly, there is no "live chat" available from the service provider for the Online Community.

    When you can see others online, you can start a new "Live" conversation in Chit Chat and see who joins in or you can message a person to see if they would like to chat privately.

    To see replies to a discussion you need to refresh the browser for them to appear. The software won't update conversations automatically - as noted, this is not Live Chat!

  • Gadgetgirl
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    @Bryony Thank you. Would be lovely if it was introduced one day.