Hello - my arthritis is related to my physical disabilty, and it's ouch..

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I am 61 and have arthrogryposis which is a congenital condition that means the deformity of the joints whilst in the womb.

As I get older this is all catching up on me. I am now in a power chair permanently and I've noticed that my range of movement is decreasing slowly over time. I've been told I can't be operated on because of the complexity of the joints and I am an infection risk.

My main issue however, is pain management. I am not one to go to the doctor and I am not sure what is available. I am fed up of being in pain nearly all of the time some days and I know it probably won't get any better. I live on painkillers but I am reluctant to ask for something stronger. Is that silly?



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    Hi @AnneB

    Welcome to the Online community, it's great that you have found us.

    You are looking for ideas to help with pain relief so you don't have to rely on pain medications where possible.

    You as if you are being silly thinking about all options and being reluctant to move to ever stronger pain meds. It's for everyone to work this out for themselves, for me I decided I wanted access to something when/if I needed it but I use any other ideas myself and fellow members can come up with to save using them!

    First of all here is what Versus Arthritis has on pain relief on their website

    I think it would be good if you took a look at this category in the Online Community

    Lots of different discussions going on here, including about pain. One of my favourites is using distraction, different things at different times. I have 3 cats and enjoy reading, getting out and about, playing games, gardening and so on. If that appeals to you we have a chit chat area that might be worth a visit too.

    Do post often - giving a bit of support always helps me feel a bit better too

    Take care