Hi I’ve been living with Arthritis for 19 years ,I have it in knees shoulders hands spin and feet . I have good days and very bad days , I had a knee replacement just before lock down and have been told my other knee need’s replacing, some days I feel exhausted but keep going .


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    Welcome to the online community,glad you have communicated with us.

    You say that you have been living with Arthritis for 19years now in knees shoulders hands and feet and have good days and bad days,you also have had a knee replacement just before lock down and been told your other knee needs to be replaced too,you feel exhausted most of the time but keep on going.

    We can all relate to the exhaustion and keep on going as we all on this forum have some form of arthritis so understand what you are going through. I too have Osteoarthritis in knees feet hands and everywhere else as well.Have had both knees and a hip replaced and not in so much pain now but have days of tiredness and as you say keep on going but sometimes i need to rest and i do with a good book or a good film.

    here are some links that may help

    Hope these help in some way and encourage you to talk to others on the forum it often helps.Please let us know how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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