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15+ years of osteoarthritis. Started in my feet at 50 and has steadily progressed to hands, shoulders, left knee. Numerous cortisone injections over years have helped with hands and shoulders finally had arthrodesis ops on left foot (talonavicular and calcaneocuboid) in 2020 after waiting 13 months for op. On list for right foot too. Talonavicular op hasn't fused properly and joint dropped and screws moved so been waiting 4 months for a CT scan requested by my consultant (COVID) to see what if anything can be done. Been on NSAID's for +12 yrs and making me feel ill.


  • Hi @Gme, welcome to the online community, it's lovely to have you here with us.

    I see that you are living with osteoarthritis in several joints, and are waiting for operations on your feet and also a scan to amend an op that didn't go so well. It can be frustrating being on waiting lists, you'll find a lot of members here can sympathise with what you're going through. As you say you've been feeling unwell taking NSAIDs long-term, here's some info from the NHS including a list of side effects and what to look out for - NSAIDs - NHS (

    Please do continue to engage in the online community, it will be nice to see you around.

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator)