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Hi where I work or try to people make fun, yes really ,,oh here comes hopalong, or I'm pretending even worse when I phone in sick! Do you need walking stick rich?? Ha ha or wheelchair perhaps snigger snigger, sending healing and kind thoughts to all of you xrich and preeyax


  • Mike1
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    On the rare occasions that I am out in my wheelchair some people that I have known for years will not acknowledge me let alone speak!!

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    That’s awful @Richandpreeya , do you have a union rep or personnel department you can speak to about this? Or at least your line manager? I’m so sorry you’re having to put up with this. Those who aren’t in constant pain have no idea how it feels, and almost certainly no idea how hurtful their comments are, so maybe the best way to tackle it is to educate them. I suggest you download some of the information leaflets on this site relevant to your condition and give them to your colleagues to read. Give one out to each of them, some time when they’re all together, and tell them how your condition makes you feel on a daily basis, and how hurtful their comments are given how hard it is just to keep going on a day to day basis.

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    That is bullying/abuse in the workplace - totally unacceptable.

    I know of someone who took their employer to court for allowing bullying and stigma to go on, (and it was far more subtle than you have endured) they ended up with significant compensation.

    Report it to your employer - they have a duty to stop this.

    Start writing down exactly what is said/done and when - all the better if you can record it or collect evidence.