Arthritis and treatment

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Hello all, I am in my early/mid sixties and have had Osteoarthritis for many years. If I remember right, I was first diagnosed with it in my neck in my mid twenties. I have always tried to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight as a way to keep myself moving and mobile. I had surgery on my cervical spine in 2005 due to prolapsed discs, I also had clean up surgery on my lumbar spine in 2016. Unfortunately this surgery did not do much good and MRIs showed that my lower back was back to where it was 12 months later.

I have in the past been on all the usual pain medication up to liquid morphine along with anti inflammatory medication. About 2 years ago I had to stop the anti inflammatory medication due to stage 3 kidney disease. Since then the pain has just got worse and worse. I started getting severe pain in my left thigh when walking, it used to start when I walked uphill, but now starts practically straight away, even on level ground. I was prescribed Gabapentin which did no good so the dosage was increased. Now my GP thinks that the problem might be due to a blocked artery as he cannot feel a pulse in the ankle. He stopped the Gabapentin and I am waiting for tests.

I have other issues that are probably not related like a white blood cell count that increases regularly in annual blood tests before returning to normal after a few months. I also developed a fine tremor in both hands which sometimes increases to violent shaking during things like filling up a kettle. They cannot find a cause for this and MRI came back clear. I also get frequent visual migraines which sometimes turn into full blown migraines.

Sorry for the long post, I am looking for inspiration, especially around diet and ways of keeping fit.

It is good to find a group of like minded people. I would just like to add that I find pain hard to quantify when asked by a doctor. I have been living with pain for that long. Does anybody else feel like this.

Thanks Brian