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Hi, thank you for accepting me, not quite sure what to expect from this group but thought I would give a try, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips and facet joints in my back last year though had suffered pain since 2018, I'm in pain constantly , I've tried the steriod injection into my spine which worked for few months and on few meds, I've recently finished a 4 week hydrotherapy session which did help and now book to do hydrotherapy core classes, has anyone else done thes classes and what was your experience. Many thanks


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    Hi, just wondering what medication people think help, at the moment I'm using ibuprofen gel and pregabaline 150mg twice Daily and 100mg once a day, the reason I ask is I am still in pain most day especially after doing an 8 hour shift at work. I have recently been told I have sleep apnea and my medication could be part of the cause and may need to change, the problem is I'm on another medication which contradiction to some other pain relief