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Hi everything seems to get worse with oa my knee keeps giving way and I have to wait for the hospital appointment to check it. also 3weeks ago I fell outside and hurt my ribs and I am sure I have broken my arm as its in pain and waiting for an appointment for a xray I don't know whether to go to a@e to see if I could get it done quicker.


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    Hi @Btaxi (Brian is it?)

    I am so sorry you've had a fall. it's possible you might get seen sooner at A&E sme people do that, but looking at what I've seen on TV I think you'd be in for a long wait which would likely play havoc with your joints too.

    I am presuming it's your GP who has referred you for the X-ray? I wonder whether you should think about seeing a physio about your knee giving way?

    I can understand you feeling low in your mood being in pain can do that. Have you thought about ringing the helplines here? I have done and they really helped me a lot.

    take care

    Toni x