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Hello everyone im 62 and still working but i am finding harder and harder to complete my tasks i am a picker in a warehouse so im on my feet all day long my right knee swells up everyday and so does my left shoulder to cap it all i have arthritis in my feet also i am so depressed 😔


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    Hello @Polina Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    Working in such a physical job with Arthritis must be really tough for you and living with pain can be emotionally draining as well as physically.

    You are absolutely not alone in fact here are stories by two other people with Arthritis whose mental health has been affected:

    This information might be helful:

    and finally please remember our helpline is available for you to call if you wanted a friendly ear:

    Vey best wishes


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    I know how you feel polina i am a welder I used to work in heavy engineering but recently changed to light engineering because of my condition..I have osteoarthritis in both feet and just recently in my lower back and both hips I am still working but find it hard sometimes as especinsoles ially in the winter time.the cold really gets to me....tell you're employer about you're condition buy law they must help you..when I did they gave me a chair to sit at my table and weld or just to take 10 mins of my does help with insoles..stiffer the better also when you get home soak you're feet in hot water and gently massage them then elevate them with a couple of cushions makes them a lot better than they were. Hope this helps