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I'm new on here and have been diagnosed with OA in my ankles, feet and hands.

My left ankle is the worst as I am in constant pain with it and I seem to have lost the ability to move it properly.

I'm told exercise helps but when I walk its more painful and my foot goes numb also when I adjust the way I walk my hip on the other side starts to hurt as I over compensate.

Any advise on pain relief, I already take co-codamol and was offered stronger pain killers but refused them just now.

I also work in IT so my hands getting sore and stiff can cause issues with work, I wear compression gloves to help.

Thanks in advance, my doctor tells me there isn't anything he can do with my ankle as they don't replace them.


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    Hi @Carrie1965 Welcome to the Online Community.

    I see from your post that you have Osteoarthritis in several joints but that your left ankle is by far the worst. There are surgical options as regards the ankle see the section entitled 'Do I need Surgery' then ankle arthritis:

    People on here have had surgery; fusion or even replacement. @prefabkid47 may even, if we are very lucky ,come in to tell you about his.

    I'll leave you to meet our members now.

    Best wishes


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    Hello I have osteoarthritis in both feet ..lower back and both hips i also over compensate the same as you...I am on tramadol and naproxen for the pain they do help sometimes ..when you get sore feet elevate them with some cushions as much as you can .do the same when you go to bed...I also got a tense machine from boots £60 which helps the pain put it on massage for 20 mins works on all body parts .. if you have a podiatrist ask them for carbon fibre insoles they keep you're feet stiff for walking and restricts the movement in you're feet this stops you're joints from rubbing together.. buy thermal socks and if you can get a big heated slipper this stops the cold from getting into you're feet the cold is a nightmare for osteoarthritis..

    Hope this helps let me know how you get on