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Hello I’ve found this forum by being sent a link from my GP for some neck exercises! I am currently really struggling to get a diagnosis for my ongoing neck pain which leads to shoulder / arm pain, wrist hand and finger pain! I’ve had a carpel tunnel injection and an MRI scan and been told today that there arthritic changes in the neck, I’m being sent for further blood tests and a previous one in July showed high levels of inflammation. I have been tested also for rheumatoid arthritis which came back negative back in August last year, but my GP has said that if my levels are still high she will refer me to a rheumatologist. I just want to know what is wrong really it’s been a painful and frustrating 8 months. Thanks xx


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    Hello @Shellduffy74

    Welcome to our online community and thank you for asking for our support.

    You tell us that you have been referred to us by your GP for neck exercises to help control pain in your neck and through you arms etc. You've had various investigations which have been inconclusive and haven't led to a diagnosis, although they do show markers for high level inflammation. It certainly sounds like your GP is doing the right things - persistent significant inflammation is not good, and a referral to a rheumatologist sounds like the ideal next stage. Not all forms of inflammatory arthritis show up in the blood (ie they are sero-negative) and diagnosis, as many of us here have found, can be a drawn out affair (especially so in a pandemic). I hope you get a diagnosis and treatment soon!

    In the meantime here is some information about the neck pain -

    and some suggestions for neck exercises -

    I do hope these are helpful in reducing your symptoms - please visit regularly to see what others in the community have to offer, and also to let us know how you are getting on.

    Very best wishes

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