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Morning everybody!

I was diagnosed with RA in 2014, it changed my life completely. My spirits took a sharp dive and I lost something like 4 years trying to adapt to a new reality. The limitations it imposes can be severe and even the strongest of people will grapple with that. In the end, however long it takes, you do find a way of living with it. It's one of those conditions classed as an 'invisible disability' because some days you can manage fairly well, others you're struggling to lift half a kettle of water. I won't let it define me and I would love to connect with others who feel the same way. Good luck everyone, you will find your own way of living with this xx😉


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    Hi @Saraleanne

    Welcome to our online community, and thank you for your very positive thoughts about adapting to a diagnosis of arthritis, and remaining positive in the face of change.

    Your experience and thoughts about this strongly mirror my own - in particular about the challenges of dealing with a 'there one day, and gone the next' invisible disability.

    You mention you had four challenging low years during which you struggled to adapt. For some people the difficulty of staying positive in the face of a constantly changing, and often worsening disease that causes pain, fatigue and loss of capacity, overwhelms them - that is not a sign of weakness on their part, simply of difference. Difference of circumstances as often as not - I have no idea how I would have managed if I was still having to care for young children when I was diagnosed with RA. Adapting is a good trick if you can do it, but no reflection upon those who can't adapt.

    Thank you very much for your contribution and I hope you will contribute your experience regularly here in our online community.

    Very best wishes

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