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Hi, would love to chat with anyone who has had a total knee replacement and then suffered with an arthritic hip in the same leg!


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    Hi @Susyq

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community, and thank you for asking for our support.

    You tell us that you have recently had a total knee replacement and now you have been diagnosed with arthritis (presumably osteoarthritis) in the hip of the same leg. That sounds like a challenging combination, but one which I suspect other members have experienced? Certainly others here have both hip and knee arthritis - I have rheumatoid arthritis which badly affects my knees and am awaiting a hip replacement for OA.

    Are you being cared for by a rheumatologist (for your hip) as well as the orthopaedic surgeon for your knee? If not it may be worth asking your GP for a referral? Has the hip OA interfered significantly with your recovery from the knee replacement?

    Here is our website's main page on OA of the hip -

    and this is the page about knee replacement - you may know most of this already but there might be helpful reminders -

    Please check back to see if others who have similar experiences to you have commented - we would be very interested how you progress.

    Very best wishes

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