Half Marathon in September

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Hi everyone,

Former marathon runner here, before I got my facet arthropathy diagnosis in January.

I'm determined not to let it stop me doing what I love. I've bought the specialist running shoes, the Hoka Bondis, and it feels amazing to run on them. I'm back up to slow 5ks and though I wasn't planning on running anything much longer till 2023, on a whim I entered the Cambridge Half in September.

I have a few training plans I have used in the past, but has any other arthritis runner got any specialist recommendations?

Do let me know.




  • frogmorton
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    Gosh @DarreninBrighton

    that's brave 😮

    I suppose it's a half marathon....could you walk if things got painful?

    All I can say is take it steady and use your plans to minimise the risk of injury

    Best of luck

    Toni x.

  • Hi Toni @frogmorton

    I refuse to let the condition get in the way of my life. If I take it REALLY SLOW I should be ok. It's nearly six months away so I have plenty of training time.

    And yeah, if it gets too much, walking is always an option.