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Hi guys, I’ve been fighting to get an arthritis/autoimmune diagnosis for just over 10 years now - my gp is almost certain it’s rheumatoid arthritis, and possibly fibromyalgia too, but paediatrics dismissed me after five years of “inconclusive” results with the phrase “you just have to get on with it”. Really struggling with pain and joint stability now in my mid twenties, especially in my knees, hips and shoulders. Does anyone have any knee brace recommendations that don’t feel like they’re cutting the circulation off to my thighs lol. Also any tips on actually getting a doctor to believe that you’re constantly in pain/ fear of consequential pain??

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    Welcome to the forum, @kto30 .

    You report a 10year struggle to get a diagnosis, it would seem starting when you were in your teens. It is disappointing to say the least that the best advice that you have been given is “You’ll just have to get on with it”. Have you and your GP considered seeking a referral to another consultant?

    There are resources you can access through our Help Line:

    and there are those in the Community who will be able to help from their own experiences.

    We wish you luck and keep us posted with your progress.

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