No medication that I can take ?

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I'm new to the group, I have Arthritis, Osteo, because I have a blood disorder which causes blood clots , and I'm on warfarin , I'm told that I can't have the usual medications for the Arthritis , other than pain relief, I'm on Butec morphine patch. Gabapentin, codein, CBD oil.

I also have Thyroid , and a few other things going on.

Pain wise it's horrendous, I don't know which is from the Arthritis or from the post thrombotic syndrome in my legs ? I get exhausted , I don't know if that's the Arthritis or the Thyroid?

Any advice please ? 🙂

Thanks Larna


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    Hi @Slarna welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand you have osteoarthritis along with a blood disorder, and that you take a variety of medications including warfarin. This means that some of the usual pain killers used to treat osteoarthritis are contra-indicated probably because they will interact badly with your current medication.

    To help manage your pain your first port of call should be your GP or consultant rheumatologist who are able to prescribe medication in line with your current treatments.

    It is also well worth seeing if you can be referred to a pain clinic who will be able to provide more tailored activities and support for you.

    Our web site also has a selection of pages that deal with pain management that may be of some help:


    Do say a little more about what works for you and how you manage every day activities.

    Join in across the Community, ask questions and give support. You will be most welcome.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for your input, I have been referred to the pain clinic , but unfortunately they are unable to assist me, they have however made several referrals for me , to see if I can have Hydrotherapy,I'm due this assessment shortly. Plus they have referred me to other pain management ,and I know one of these is Tia Chi. Iam hopeful that I can have the Hydrotherapy, and that the other referrals work for me . I just wondered if there was anyone else in a similar situation ?