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Hi everyone. I don't even know which type of arthritis I have. All consultats letters and conversations just state arthritis. I had my keyhole TMJ surgery on the 1st Feb 22 to inject plasma into both joints and reposition the disk on the rhs. My 6 week check due last week was cancelled at the last minute by text and rescheduled for another 2 months away. So I've decided to try to progress from the awful soft diet to something more normal and hope it's not a wrong move. It has left me wondering if I might be at risk of my arthritis developing elsewhere as the Consultant said they have no idea how or why this happened. I'd had no injury or trauma to my jaw but do wake up clenching it during the night. I am 58 years old and otherwise fit. Anyone else had similar experiences?


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    You almost certainly have OA. If you had an inflammatory type you'd have seen a rheumatologist and be taking DMARDS.

    My own jaw arthritis was caused by many years of RA resulting in OA. I've never considered, or been offered, injections there but, compared with other joints, it's not been too bad.

    I've never heard of the plasma injections you write of and, even a google only revealed its use for knees or elbows. I suggest you get back to your consultant to ask about the diet rather than risk jeopardising the procedure. I hope it helps.

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    Thanks so much stickywicket for your welcome contribution. I'll certainly take up your suggestion. Good luck with your own condition and living with it.