Where am I on the 1 to 10 scale?

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I don't know where to go on this site for specific advice so here goes. Have had hip pain for about 4 years, sometimes the groin pain is phenomenal, every night is broken several times by every painful turn I make, and I can hardly walk when rising from chairs (lasts moments only), and climbing stairs is increasingly slow, and I can no longer get up and down to weed the garden. I do walk every day with dog, but my question is.... how long have I got between what I am experiencing now and needing a hip replacement. In other words, out of 10 where am I on the scale?


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    I'm sorry you're in a lot of pain but I think you're asking the wrong question here. Pain isn't what counts. It's x-rays that count. Have you had any x-rays? Have you seen a physio? Exercises really do help as they keep muscles strong and supportive. I know you walk your dog and that must be hard when you're in pain but it won't exercise all the muscles you need. Check out Versus Arthritis's page on exercises. They really do help. And ask your GP for an x-ray and referral to physio. Perhaps a musculo-skeletal clinic and/or Pain Clinic could help too.

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    Thank you. Action taken.

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    I was almost fully mobile and suffering very little pain till a fall triggered an X-ray which revealed my hip was so bad it needed replacing. I didn’t even realise I had a problem in my hip, let alone that it was advanced osteoarthritis, up to that point. The fall meant the pain levels ramped up similar to those you describe, and beyond (and then some) as it continued to deteriorate rapidly after the fall, so having replacement was the only option for me. The outcome of the X-ray and how long you are able to manage the pain and loss of mobility will determine at what stage surgery is appropriate.

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    I think maybe @Aborigine it's time for another X-ray.

    My own MIL had had one a mere two years before when things were o......k ish when she had her next X-ray it was bone on bone and she went on the list immediately.

    Do let us know if you have your X-ray and how you get on.

    Take care

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