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Hi all

l have had Osteoarthritis in various joints for about 20 yrs now but, lately have been finding it more painful to walk or get out of bed. Just today my GP informed me that both my hips and lower lumbar spine has Osteoarthritis consistent with age 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

l try to do a 15 minute walk around the block every day but lately lm in so much pain just going to the local shop. A fit person can do it in a few minuets but it takes me 10-15 mins on a good day. I still do it just to try and keep my joints mobile. Even in days when l have extreme pain getting out of bed, l still do the walking thing. Pain relief doesn’t always work unless l combine paracetamol with codeine. I have had a gastric bypass and can’t take anti-inflammatory meds.


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    Hi @JoanW65

    Just wanted to say good for you. Keeping on with the walk to the local shop or round the block - ticks loads of boxes - exercise ,fresh air and sunshine (well some days! ), seeing other people even though you may not speak to them, being seen by those who know you " Oh there is Joan, off for her constitutional, good on 'er ", talking to the shop people..... If I had a tick button on my computer I would send lots of those.✔️✔️ Found some!😀

    Pain relief can be tricky , it is a question of finding out what suits us.

    Have you tried warming up exercises before you get out of bed? Gentle stretches and breathing to get your body awake after lying asleep. It worked for me after I was ill and in bed for weeks.

    So keep going and look at the birds and flowers on the way. Put a smile on your face - you never know someone will take that smile and see it as a gift that makes their day, they might even pass it on ....

    Glad you have found the community, they are a great bunch of people.