Making Mothers' Day Real

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For Mothers' Day, the Sanctuary Foundation are asking for donations to Ukranian mothers who are settling in the UK. You can buy goods [xxx] by googling The Sanctuary Foundation and scrolling down their front page.

My own mother always regarded Mothers' Day as commercial hype and it's one of the few things we agreed on😁 My sons phone or WhatApp me. They know better than to waste their money on overpriced flowers or chocolates.

Somehow or other, the rather nice Christian idea of Mothering Sunday, when everyone, if possible, returned to their 'mother church' and where servants were allowed a day off to visit their mothers was transformed into 'Support the Flower Industry By Flying Blooms From All Over the World and Help to Kill Our Planet Day' Cynical? Moi? Yes, very.

Anyway, if, like me, you prefer to give something that's needed to a mother in genuine need. here's your chance. I know, wherever my Mum is, I'll be making her proud☺️

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