Pain is unbelievable


Hi I’ve arthritis in my hip and now developed pain from my knee which is very painful had an X-ray on knee they said nothing wrong but there has to be I feel I can’t cope with the pain


  • Anna
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    Hello @Rylatt,

    Welcome to the online community. I hope you find support from our friendly members, all of whom can understand at least some of what you’re going through.

    You have arthritis in your hip and have now developed pain in your knee which is becoming unbearable. You’ve had X-rays but they haven’t shown hy your knees are painful. It could be that the pain in your knees could be referred pain from your hips - it seems strange but this sometimes can happen, especially if you are walking differently. Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about being referred to a pain clinic? There they will look at various ways, including medication, of addressing your pain.

    I’ve linked to a page from the Versus Arthritis website that looks at hip pain, it’s causes and treatments. It’s got a useful section on managing your symptoms that you might find helpful:

    I’m sure that other members will offer you their support and maybe some suggestions about how to deal with the pain. The thread below has a discussion about knee and hip pain:

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Mod)

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    I had a ruined hip too (now replaced, thank heaven). Pre-op I had random pains in the rest of the leg, including the knee, which were sometimes excrutiating. I agree with Anna's comments above. Are you on any pain medication? It might be worth reviewing thsee with your GP, or through a pain clinic. Maintaing a constant level of pain relief meds is more effective than just taking them when it's really bad.

    I found the tips in this link really helpful,

    Distraction is also really useful - lose yourself in something you enjoy, to take your focus away from the pain. It might also be worth seeing a physio since improving the muscle tone around the affected joints can help reduce the pain.

    The pain is miserable, I know. Do keep coming on here for a moan, tips or just a natter, we all know how rubbish this can get.


  • frogmorton
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    Has anyone mentioned that you can get pain in your knee because of your hip? It's not uncommon at all.

    If you aren't already having it what about some physio?

    Best of luck @Rylatt

    Toni x