Work risk assessment

Hi everyone so after nearly a year of being diagnosed with osteo in my hands, knee and lumbar facet joints, getting covid which set me back and struggling on half pay the time has come for me to try and return to work.

I am now on zero wage. Getting ESA and UC as i have a 15 yr old so . I went to my Dr and pleaded with him to try and help me manage this daily pain. So he increased my Duloxetine to 90 mg a day. I have felt better over last 4 weeks so decided to let work know i would like to try coming back. I work in an ELC nursery with 90 kids ages 2/5. I am going today for a risk assesment with the council health and safety team. I am anxious and excited at the same time! They have said they will try and put in place a phased return, altered hours, and workplace reasonable adjustments and if they cannot they will look at redeployment. I just need to be earning again as im financially struggling! Can i ask if i do return and find after several weeks im not able do i just think of redeployment? I applied for PIP in November, still waiting an outcome.

Looking to the future or even currently what benefits are available for us? Is it just PIP? Is there a disability part of UC? Any help or encouragement useful.

Many thanks

Jools 😘🙏