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I have had arthritis for years but not in a severe form, well, not until the last few weeks. The stiffness and pain seem to affect all my body, my head, neck, wrists, legs, lower back, just about everywhere.

My GP didn’t seem to grasp what I was saying to him and suggested vitamin D. All this via telephone. I rang the surgery again and GP spoke to me again. I informed him that I already take vitaminD, so felt that was not the answer, finally after discussion he prescribed strong painkillers.

Has anyone experienced this kind of flare up with arthritis. I go to bed at night hoping it has gone away, but I have had this a month now and has limited my usual activities which in turn leaves me feeling depressed.


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    Good morning @Jennifer76 welcome to the Online community.

    I understand from your post that although you have had Arthritis (Is this Osteoarthritis?) for years, but are now experiencing a sudden flare up which is in almost all of your joints.

    Unfortunately the pandemic and the rise of telephone consultations has meant that many of us are not seeing our GPs at the surgery. Do you think it would help if you could actually see your doctor and discuss this flare in person.

    It may be that you require further tests rather than pain relief alone. If it is allowed at your surgery it can help to take someone with you for support.

    I am going to attach this link which I hope might help you in the short term:

    You might find it helpful to talk things over with a member of our helpline too:

    Now I will leave you to meet some of our members who can share their experiences with you.

    Very best wishes