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Hi everyone I am new on here and I just wanted to sign up to read peoples stories. So this is mine.... I'm 34 y/o i recently had some blood tests done and it says I have auto immune disease, after chatting to my doctor, he has decided to send me to rheumatology, to get a diagnosis I don't have an appointment till May which is just a phone call. I told the doctor that I have psoriasis, so he does think I have psoriatic arthritis, however I do have gout in my feet too. I'm really struggling in pain been given Nefopam tablets which have helped when I have a flare up but I cannot take them all the time as it makes me feel drowsy. I have amazing support off my partner as he knows how I feel about 5 years ago he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and is on injection to help him but he is always in so much pain too and I try my hardest to help him aswell. anyways hello and thank you for letting me join and I will be happy to read people stories