what Charity / funding exists to help me with a short Physical exercise course for Arthritis

My 12 week one hour a week Healthy Options a charity organisation funded by my GP referral ended today my GP made no offer of any further funds at all -paid direct by NHS / public purse. This organisation has offered me at a reduced price at £20 per month the above and additionaly Qi Gong a martial art but in essence only Tai Chi low impact course also aimed at those with health problems and Arthritis ( Please Community comments on effectiveness of Qi Gong for Arthritis sufferers - my research and discussion at length convince me its benificial. Bottom line is on £74 UC total income weekly "there is Zero money to pay £20 per month as poor. Healthy Options won't offer help with funding. How can i get this funding and which Charities. Is there a National UK sports charity. This is obviously a very small amount of Health training input.


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    Hi @GalaxyA12

    I have been asking around and have to report no success on charity funding for exercise classes wither for those unable to afford it or for those with a disability.

    I have found a number of exercise videos which might be of use to you. The ones offered or supported in part by Versus Arthritis can be found here or at the top of this Let's Move category.

    Another useful series of links is compiled by the charity Scope

    I do hope some of the classes offered are of some use to you. Of course they can't offer the sense of 'doing things together' which is a very important part of many peoples enjoyment when exercising.

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi Yvonne Thankyou very much your findings were correct in that the Healthy Options when it finished said i wouldn't get any funding for their course but as you recommended going online. Yvonne thankyou your suggested sites i will search with interest thankyou. Money being short currently for any aids ect whatsoever may be relieved as DWP UC Work Capability Assesment means i may? be eligible for a little financial help as i am Limited Capabilty confirmed it'll make life better. 😊Thanks Andrew

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    Have you tried to claim PIP?

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    I have my phone PIP assessment this Monday. Advice i am given to prepare is it's what i put on my application form as answers i'll likely be questioned about. 2 explaining exactly what my daily living OA needs are. Medications medical history. I completed UC LCWRA phone assesment and was told to expect similar for PIPS. I t was a gruelling intense one hour quizzing but questioner was extreemly pleasant and patient. I am nervous about PIPS phone call as any help with my OA and not being able to work is critical to me. please any comments? There is some strange Points question "How long before my application form to PIPs did my condition start" apparently it must not be more than 3 or 6 months before ? not clear. i am just honest and state when also GP records will confirm. Please any advice? or moderators. thanks Andrew