Spring Booster for immunossuppressed

Is it only me who is comfused abour eligibility for spring booster? I am unsure if that is only for the people who are severely immunosupressed (needed 3 prime doses) only or whether it includes all immumosupressed (needed 2 prime doses). The guidance is unclear and I would like some advice on this and if it is unclear as you are a big organisation can you seek clarification from NHS?


  • Hi @RAwarrior

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    I am sorry to hear about the confusion around the spring booster, I am sure you’re not alone. My understanding is the spring booster is for the over 75’s and for people with a weakened immune system.

    If you are eligible, the NHS will contact you, you will then be able to book your appointment online. The information (below) is taken from the NHS:

    • A spring booster of the COVID-19 vaccine is available to people aged 75 and over, people who live in a care home for older people, or people aged 12 and over who have a weakened immune system.

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    Helpline team