Oa in knees


I was diagnosed with OA in my knees about 12 months ago and was given exercises by the NHS physio. I have seen lots of adverts for various knee braces and was wondering if anyone has used one ......... and if they work!! I take glucosomin , olive leaf and turmeric/black pepper supplements daily as well as ibuprofen rub. But I'm still in pain and it's getting worse.....help!

I'm new to the group so - hello!

Regards, Tony


  • Hi @Tony1946

    Welcome to the online community! It's good that you have a formal diagnosis- now the help can be provided!

    Physio can be a little tough at first and you can end up irritating the effected areas a bit to start with, but just check in with your physio to make sure that you're not doing any harm. They may also just need to adapt the exercises for you too.

    As for braces, I would discuss this with your physio as they may be able to recommend something. They are all different depending on what exactly you need to support as you can end up damaging or weakening the joint more by using the wrong sort of support.

    Here is some of our information for knee pain which could also be helpful for you:

    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

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  • Tony1946
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    Thank you - I will get back in touch with the physio

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    As with most things there is a counter argument. If you use a support of any kind then the ligaments, tendons and muscles will lose condition and there’s nothing arther loves more than lose jo8nts which will wear quicker. If it were me I wouldn’t use one until I couldn’t walk without one not just because of pain.

    its a grin, honest!