Magnetic wrist band / ? watch type devices? to relieve OA severe constant arm pain


My late father had arthritis in both arms only and i know he used a large strap of manufactured specifically designed magnets right up his arms from wrist to almost very top of his arms. This 10 years ago was considered alternative and possibly unfairly a little unconventional "it work mostly for him 90%. i also know there is still something for pets usually elderly with arthritis i think c alled Magnapulse. My Question is Can members recommend just a Band shaped wrist only Magnetic/ device i could wear for one arm specifically and have members had positive results in regard to pain relief from aching burning such joints as i have Oa and this one arm is a constant problem it is not my lead arm so lead arm takes all the work as an arm. How much are such devices and which are best reputable ones. i need to keep cost down as don't get any Pips just £75 UC total! Thanks


  • Mike1
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    I have tried these to no positive effect, I did get blisters on my wrist directly under each magnet though so I ditched it.