Is Osteitis Pubis related to Arthritis?


I've had arthritis for quite a few years. Started in my knees, then fingers then hips until all aches and pains are put down to arthritis.

Now after 6 months of a new pain which was more debilitating than my arthritis pains and doing searches myself, I now have a diagnosis of Osteitis Pubis. Is this related to arthritis or not. My doctor doesn't seem to have an answer.


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    Hi @Grandma70  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You’ve had arthritis for some time in your knees, fingers and hips but more recently you’ve been diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis. You’d like to know if this is related to your arthritis. 

    Having searched our website I couldn’t find any reference to an association between the two conditions. 

    Searching the forum I found this, albeit quite old, discussion which may be of interest:


    I hope that you receive some useful feedback from other forum members. 

    Best Wishes

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    I'd never heard of this so I had a quick google and looked only on what I knew to be a reliable site.

    Well, the good news - I think - is that it doesn't seem to be related to arthritis. What I'm not sure about - good news or bad - is that you seem to have got yourself what's usually a sporting injury. Have you been overdoing the rugby or ski jumping @Grandma70 😉 Luckily, it sounds as if it will improve with rest.,direction%2C%20kicking%2C%20or%20pivoting.

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    It's a real puzzle as to how I got this condition as I'm certainly not athletic. I try to rest but find it difficult. If I rest too much my joints become more stiff and painful so I can't win. I have just got to be patient and hopefully get back to work soon as I only have 3 years to work at a job I love. Thanks for your help.

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    At a guess, the reason you got this may well be a lack of fitness and the injury happened easily after that? Arther can be unkind to anyone and yes, we do need to rest and also exercise within our abilities and what our bodies will stand. A hard game to play correctly.

    it’s a grin, honest!