Scared to get Covid whilst on Biologic treatment


Has anyone had any experience of being Covid Positive whilst on biologics?

Has anyone had to go on antivirals because of Covid?

How well did you recover?

Any experience would be helpful, I feel if I have some knowledge of what I can expect if I do get Covid, maybe I won’t be so scared to start getting my life back, out there.

I’m avoiding large gatherings but am feeling more & more anxious as everyone seems to be acting like Covid is over now, including my family. I’m avoiding family parties but people are starting to say ‘you can’t lock yourself away,’ but I am frightened & feel conflicted as also feel I am just being sensible especially as I have total knee replacement operation due.

I’ve done what I can to protect myself as considered immuno-compromised. I’ve had 4 Covid vaccines, have ordered a PCR testing kit, which I now have at home just in case. I rarely go out but wear a mask when I do. I’ve limited mobility anyway, I have RA which has caused damage to my knee (OA). I am on Tocilizumab which although has reduced the knee inflammation it has not stopped RA flare ups, which is getting me down now. It’s not the miracle drug I hoped it would be.

Anyway, Im sure I’m not the only one who feels such apprehension about mixing with people again, I would like to know 💕.