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I joined the forum as I have been diagnosed as having Osteoarthritis in one finger at least. And having other problems which my GP is certain is Osteoarthritis but I am not so sure.


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    Hello @shaundy welcome to the online Community. You have found the right place to get support and talk about your Arthritis.

    I see you are less sure about your GPs opinion that you have Osteoarthritis other than in the one finger. I wonder whether you suspect a different form of Arthritis or something else entirely.

    While you wait t meet our members I am going to attach two links for you to read:


    Please do join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Ellen, thank you for replying. I am unsure of my GP's diagnosis because some of the symptoms I have, appear to be more associated with an inflammatory arthritis, or at least, that's what I can gather from what I have read.

    For example, my pip joint on my left ring finger has been inflammed (brusing, redness, heat and swelling) since October. The pain used to last for 3 hours or more and now never goes away. The past month, my middle finger on the same hand has the same symtoms minus the heat. All my joints appear to be slighter darker than usual and some have had pain that comes and goes. Both palms appear red and my left one is particularly painful. The back and side of my left hand are swollen. Some MCP knuckles on both my hands have sunk and look like they have disappeared when I make a fist. Naproxen sometimes helps with the pain but not all the time and does nothing for the inflammation.

    My GP took blood tests to check for inflammatory markers and my results were "acceptable". Whatever that meant. I also had an xray which, I was told was fine when I called for my results. This morning I completed an online questtionnaire to see my GP and listed my new symptoms which were the hand pain and swollen hand. The Receptionist called me back and stated that my xrays showed I had Osteoarthritis (after previously stating everything was fine) and that no gout was present and my blood work came back fine.

    I have an appointment with my GP next week and will ask him to consider whether I may have psoriatic arthritis and the results may be seronegative. I say PsA due to some areas on my fingers becoming very dry over the past few months and the skin splitting. A problem I have never had before.

    I had a scan on my right index finger a few years back and it showed a little arthritis. When I have had pain it has been really bad and my whole finger becomes inflammed. This finger has mostly been okay and only had bouts of pain. A vast contrast to the fingers on my left hand.

    Sorry for the long rant but I am incredibly frustrated that my GP seems to be quite dismissive of my concerns.