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Ive had psoriatic arthritis for 24 years which meant l had to change my career as a potter as it became too painful on my hands & back. Ive worked in mainly banking & admin roles full time. Ive been in my current role as business support admin with NHS for 5 years. I felt frustraighted as the vast majority of senior admin roles require advanced keyboard skills which l felt was impossiblefor me due to several frozen finger joints. I went on a works disability forum & spoke to a woman about my frustration as l felt arthritis had made it impossible for me to have advanced keyboard skills. She referred me to an HR manager who told me advanced keyboard skills does not mean fast/acurate typing & told me l should not be put off by this. Happy to say l got a senior admin job & start in a month. I would never have applied for it if l didnt attend the disability forum


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