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I had an operation for degenerative discs back in 2014 which went wrong. I now have scar tissue, severe arthritis and severe chronic neck pain which has only gotten worse and worse over the years. I go to a pain clinic which had helped in the beginning, no PCP doctor wants to deal with pain but now am at the point at which I can't take it anymore. My pain and suffering is no less than cruel and unusual punishment, am in tears most mornings it is so bad. I have tried everything/procedures the pain clinic had to offer. Am on pain meds which worked at first but with the increase in pain are now no match. I feel like I have been hung out to dry by the state of MA (whom dictates what you are entitled to) and my pain clinic. To put it short, am I not entitled to a certain quality of life, if not what's the point. Am I supposed to wait until I can no longer get out of bed and just wither away and die? Disgusted and disappointed in MA.


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    Hello @albi777 in Massachusetts Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community here in the UK

    I can see reading from your post that you are having a really tough time following an operation in 2014 which went wrong. Your pain clinic sound as though they are doing their best although you say no PCP (our GPs) want to deal with pain. General Practitioners are not always expert in that field that is true. I know many of our members will relate to your pain and am sure some of them will be along to support you soon.

    In the meantime I would like to attach a couple of links.

    I can't promise you won't already have tried these but worth a look:

    In addition maybe you would find it helpful to talk to one of our helpline staff? We are, I think, 5 hours ahead of you at the moment.

    Sending you the best of wishes


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    My pain clinic has all but written me off. The pain is so bad I can't even explain it. I couldn't imagine this pain in my wildest dreams. I would of thought that a human being, a citizen of this supposed great country that you could at least be given the best possible quality of life when there is no hope, but I would be wrong. To me this is no less than cruel and unusual punishment. I swear they are waiting to see how much you can take before you just check out. I grew up believing that a doctors responsibility/goal/duty was to the patients health and well being, not true anymore.