Dual diagnosis fears



I am 52 and have been suffering for the past 9 months in a lot of joint and feeling exhausted. Finally following numerous gp calls and blood tests and x rays, ultra sounds- I have a diagnosis of PBC ( liver condition) and rheumatoid arthritis. Also moderate osteoarthritis in my hips and knees. Just undergone osteoporosis scan and have been called to yet another appointment- 4 consultants all trying to work in conjunction with my treatment plan. I am on Urso acid treatment initially with paracetomol for my PBC so early days. daily pain is constant at the mo but due soon for steroid jab in my hip. I feel very low, isolated with the pain I feel, trying to be positive working full time still hiding my pain most days! 9 months ago used to ride my horse and walk 10000 steps a day... now I cant ride or walk properly... hoping the steroid jab makes a difference!!! I think I am total shock at the mo taking it all in and just wanted to touch base with anyone having similar issues??? Thanks


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    Hi @LisaO Welcome to the Online Community.

    Is that a potential quadruple diagnosis there you might have? I can see why you are feeling fearful. All of this is so new to you in 9 months ago you were so very active.

    While you are waiting for some members to come along please do read this it has been written especially for those recently diagnosed:

    You say you feel very low I wonder whether you might find it helpful to chat to one of our helpline team?

    I am so glad you have found the forum - here there are plenty of 'old hands' here to support you.

    Best wishes