Meds vs covid!


I’ve finally been given my first course of methotrexate for my RA but I’ve just tested positive for covid too! After checking with my rheumatologist I’ve been told NOT to start the medication until my covid results are negative, so if anyone is concerned about this same issue I hope this helps, by the way Thankyou everyone here for all the useful info it’s put my mind at rest a lot 🥰


  • Hi @Rusty73

    Thank you for this information, I know that there will be plenty of people wondering about something similar. Covid is affecting medication and existing conditions in different ways and so you can never be too cautious!

    I hope that you recover soon and don't suffer too much!

    Take care,


  • frogmorton
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    Oh Dear @Rusty73 you poor thing what timing 🙄

    I do hope you get well very very soon. My own husband has finally tested negative this morning after 11 days and guess who didn't catch it?


    Take care and thanks for telling us what you were advised.

    Toni x