Rheumatoid arthritis

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Diagnosed 18 months ago gone through various treatment regimes (sulfursalazine and others I can't spell) now taking fortnightly jabs of bio drugs Adimilabub no noticeable improvement after 4 injections has anyone experience of this drug and if so how.long before real improvement in situation ?



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    Hi @Secretary

     Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You have RA and have been prescribed several medications, the latest being Adimilabub. You’d like to hear from any forum members who have been prescribed this drug and how long it took to realise any benefit. 

    In searching our website I found this reference to Adimilabub:


    Using the brand name Humira I found a number of forum discussions, albeit quite old ones, that may still be relevant for you:

    I hope that forum members are able to provide you with some useful feedback and your medication starts to give you real benefit very soon. 

    Best Wishes

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    Hi @Secretary

    You don't say what brand name Adalimumab you are taking. I think there's the original Humira and 5 biosimilars of Adalimumab. I'm on the biosimilar Amgevita. I started the injections at the end of July 2021 and I noticed a difference a week after my second injection. By the end of the second month I stopped taking my heavy painkiller - dihydrocodeine, and a few weeks later stopped taking any paracetamol. I haven't had to go back to taking them since. I'm also still on 3gms sulfasalazine daily and 10mgs methotrexate weekly. My rheumatology nurse said the drugs work in conjunction. She also said I was lucky the first biologic worked as there are 7(?) different biologics (and many more biosimilars of them I think). I'm not pain free (but very significantly better than I was) so I also use capsaicin cream (when it's available) and Ralvo patches when necessary.