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I have osteoarthritis in both my hands particularly my thumbs. I have lost much of my dexterity and would be grateful if people could recommend websites with tips and tricks to help people when cooking.


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    Here are some of my solutions, Etta..

    1. A cheap, lightweight kettle with the handle at the side not on top.

    2. A steamer rather than pans where possible. Lighter and healthier.

    3. Oxo Good Grips kitchen utensils especially the potato peeler. I mostly use it for carrots. Potatoes are oddly shaped so I either use small ones in the steamer or cut large ones in half then place a flat bit on the chopping board and slice the peel off with my trusty bread knife. (But my hands are 60 years worth of arthritis bad😊)

    4. I prepare in stages - prep a bit, rest a bit etc.

    5. Frozen chopped onion saves a lot of work and pain. Ditto 'lazy garlic'. Ready prepped and in oil.

    6. Have a look on any good disability site at kitchen aids.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you very much for those solutions.

    I was thinking about getting a steamer and so will look into it and I like the idea of no more tears onions!