Hi guys I'm about to go onto retuximab the nurse said I'm more likely to catch and die from covid.

I'm about to pay for my holiday in Cyprus, should I cancel?

Or just carry on with life being as careful as I can, i.e wearing a mask in enclosed spaces?


  • Hi Hazelbrown1964,

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum, we are really sorry that you had to experience that from the nurse.

    Rituximab is used to treat people with an auto-immune condition and when taking this treatment people need to take care when mixing with people that possibly has an infection such as colds and flu etc because their immune system is suppressed.

    Unfortunately, no one can tell you the right or wrong thing about if you should be going on holiday or not, but if you make sure you take care of yourself and take the correct precautions, such as wearing a mask in enclosed spaces, and wash your hands regularly.


    Best wishes


    Helpline Advisor